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  The manufacturer of convenience bags analyses that the maintenance film we usually use is almost transparent. The use of transparent maintenance film is to stop packaging. On the one hand, it can play a maintenance benefit, on the other hand, it can be used as a clear view of goods by purchasers. Generally speaking, with color maintenance film is also known as optical film, commonly used are: blue film, green film, red film, broadband film, etc.
  When the bag manufacturer dissects that the blue film structure is mostly single-layer, when coating, the central wavelength is usually controlled at about 570, and the whole glass is blue.
  Benefit when bag manufacturers analyze green film: nowadays, multi-layer green film is more prevalent on the market. Because green film belongs to anti-reflection film, it has good transmittance of light. Moreover, it is easy for manufacturers to control. People's eyes are more sensitive to green. When the manufacturer's coating stops drifting, the effect of practice is relatively small.
  The manufacturer of convenience bags dissects red film: red film is what we call multilayer film;
  Bento bag manufacturers analyze broadband films: broadband films are conceptually ambiguous, in which visible light is calculated according to 400-700 nanometers and visible light is about 300 nanometers. According to the practical indicators of ordinary telescope factories, the bandwidth is within 200 nanometers, and the reflectivity difference is not less than 1, which belongs to broadband.
  Most of the plastic products such as Bento bags are difficult to synthesize in nature. Incineration will bring air pollution. The same is true for plastic bags made of plastic. Period Magazine selected "50 Great Bad Creation". Plastic bags ranked on the list, possibly because of human selfishness and casual discarding of plastic Bento bags. Special plastic bags are widely used, so environmental organizations are concerned about plastic bags. At present, reducing the use of plastic bags is one of the ways to reduce the impact of plastic bags on the environment. Some countries began to levy plastic bags tax to reduce people's use of plastic bags. In addition, plastic bags are beginning to be replaced by bags made from other materials considered environmentally friendly, such as paper bags, environmentally friendly shopping bags, and plastic bags made from bio-synthetic plastics. However, the cost of the above materials is higher than that of plastic bags, so plastic bags are still mainly used in most central areas.
  讨论相关环保问题,便当袋等塑料不只仅是能屡次循环再造,而是众多物料中耗用能源少和工序技术容易,中、小型塑料再生厂数量比拟大。多年前逐步在各大城市的大厦渣滓房都有人拾取厨余,而装厨余的塑料袋全数都被回收,重新再做塑料袋。 依据香港环保处一份扩展塑料购物袋环保征费方案公众咨询文件显现,因塑料袋税2010年比2009年增加了25万多个袋渣滓,而袋渣滓重量则增加约17公吨。
  Discussing environmental protection issues, the plastic such as convenience bags can not only be recycled repeatedly, but also consume less energy and process technology in many materials, and the number of small and medium-sized plastic recycling plants is comparable. Many years ago, some people picked up kitchen waste in the residue houses of big cities in China, and all the plastic bags for kitchen waste were recycled and re-made into plastic bags. According to a public consultation document issued by the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong on expanding the environmental levy scheme for plastic shopping bags, the tax on plastic bags increased by more than 250,000 bags in 2010 compared with 2009, while the weight of bags increased by about 17 tonnes.
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